Our projects

With each of our projects, we pursue our goal of student development on many levels. Therefore, among our events there are both engineering competition and scientific course as well as a marathon of games and international exchange.

  • Event dedicated for new technologies and video games enthusiasts

  • Event dedicated for IT enthusiasts

  • Tournaments which PWr students can take part in

BEST IT Festival is an Information Technology Festival, which each year gathers lots of gamers and geeks. During the event the students can participate in lectures conducted by representatives of leading companies on the IT market, as well as take part in tournaments of popular games such as FIFA, Counter Strike or League of Legends. A wide range of technologies is presented, through availability of both retro games and consoles, as well as Virtual Reality enabling gear. All of this to allow students to broaden their knowledge and skills on the IT field, connect them with employers from the IT market, while spending time pleasurably, developing their interests concerning electronic entertainment.

  • Solving global problems with coding

  • Team challenge for students of Wrocla University of Technology

  • An all-day programming marathon

BEST Hacks is a programming competition that goes beyond the topics strictly related to the IT industry, focusing on solving current, globally occurring problems in the world in terms of environment, economy or society. We believe that with the skills of students from Wroclaw University of Technology and the help of industry specialists - together we can change the world for the better and find solutions based on real data.

  • Use the knowledge from your studies in practice

  • Go beyond the scheme

  • Take the challenge

EBEC Poland is an engineering competition, taking place at the 6 leading technical universities in Poland. The project allows students to utilize the knowledge they have in a practical way, enable their creativity and bring forth their wildest ideas. The participants compete in 2 categories - Case Study, where a theoretical problem is presented and they have to solve and present their concept, joined by Team Design where, using basic tools and materials such as duct tape and wooden laths, they are to assemble a device performing a certain task. The best teams selected in each of the Local Finals meet each other on the National Finals.

  • This is Your Week

  • Don’t miss your chance!

  • Open doors to your career!

BEST Career Week is an event aiming to shorten the distance between the students and the employers. During each of the 5 days of the project, lectures and workshops conducted by specialists from various branches are organised, along with company field trips. The students face the opportunity to not only meet their potential future employers, but also learn a great deal about fields of activity, structure and recruitment system in a chosen entrepreneurship. The previous edition was enhanced also by trainings provided by start-up owners.

Cultural Exchange is an exchange project between 3 Local BEST Groups from different countries. The participants visiting us take part in a range of activities aiming to familiarize them with Wroclaw, its surroundings, as well as Polish culture and traditions. Additionally, they get a chance to integrate and create bonds with representatives of other local groups and polish their language skills. The visits to 3 international universities in other countries trigger debates about studying, student’s life and extracurricular activities.

Regional Meeting

Regional Meeting is a cyclic meeting of representatives of local groups in a specified region. During this event, soft-skills, stress-management and efficient teamwork trainings are conducted by educated trainers from all over Europe. Subsequently, the participants take part in discussion panels concerning work of internal bodies of BEST and gatherings, which purpose is to exchange knowledge about culture and traditions in their countries of origin.

General Assembly

General Assembly was an annual gathering, during which we have hosted over 250 BEST members. For the time of this paramount for our organisation event, the delegates of every local group, the international board and the representatives of partner organisations have met to debate and make decisions critical for the whole BEST. Additionally, a science conference containing discussion panels and workshops concerning education in Europe took place as a part of this event.