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BEST Wrocław is an organization that reaches the students of one of the best technical universities in Poland. We have constant contact with them thanks to the projects that we regularly organize at the Wrocław University of Technology (EBEC - European BEST Engineering Competition, BIT Fest, BEST Courses, BEST Career Week).

We try to combine the knowledge gained during studies with practice, work and everyday life. The main goal is to integrate three environments - student, academic and economic.


As part of an international organization, we are open to new experiences and we are able to work together with other groups. Our achievements in the form of projects organized by us and the possibilities of acting on a larger scale, prove that we are good partners for cooperation.

BEST Wrocław gives students the chance to develop, expand their knowledge and get to know companies cooperating with us. We offer meetings with companies, promote practices and trainings, try to form a contact between students and the company. Our intention is to make it easier for partners to reach students with whom they want to cooperate.

We encourage companies wishing to promote their activities among Wrocław students to cooperate with us.

They have trusted us so far

Trust partners

Mars is a family business with over a hundred years of tradition. We are proud of it. We believe that the world we want tomorrow begins with how we run our business today. These bold ambitions are accompanied by the activities of over 130,000 of our Associates in 80 countries all over the world. Everyday we create products whose brands are known all over the world, such as M & M'S®, SNICKERS®, ORBIT® or SKITTLES®. We also take care of our four-legged pets, providing them with the highest quality products, including PEDIGREE®, WHISKAS®, SHEBA® or ROYAL CANIN®. These are just some of our brands!

Goldman Sachs is a world leader in investment banking, payments and investment management. We also offer a range of financial services targeting a large and diverse customer base, including partnerships, financial institutions, governments, and individuals. As a company with global employees, we employ representatives of various nationalities, educational paths and experiences from all over the world. We are open to their perspectives, energy, innovative ideas and readiness to educate and share knowledge with others.

For our Warsaw office, we are looking for students and graduates looking for a job in the Engineering department as part of Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, CyberSecurity and Quantitative Strategists. Join us and develop in Java, Python, NoSQL, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Spark, Hadoop, ReactJS, build financial or cybersecurity models!

We offer:

  • Summer Internship - 10 weeks (July - September 2021)
  • Off-cycle Internship - 3-12 months (4 or 5 days a week)
  • New Analyst Program - Full-Time Graduate Role

Apply here

Credit Suisse is a global financial institution headquartered in Zurich with the Wrocław branch being one of the largest employers in the capital of the Lower Silesia.

The main goal of the local hub is to find innovative, valuable solutions and to build a nationwide knowledge base. Credit Suisse employs talents in finance, business, IT and many other areas - not only experienced professionals, but also students and university graduates who are offered development opportunities and international career prospects.

Credit Suisse offers 3-month internships and 12-, 17- and 24-month graduate training programs that cover the entire area of ​​the company's operations. Individuals who start their professional career in the company have an amazing opportunity to gain useful skills and practical experience in their area of expertise.

If you want to learn more about Credit Suisse, be sure to visit their website:

and like their Facebook and Instagram pages:

IG: creditsuisse_careers

Accenture jest globalną firmą, świadczącą profesjonalne usługi w zakresie technologii cyfrowych, chmury obliczeniowej i bezpieczeństwa. Dzięki szerokiemu doświadczeniu i specjalistycznej wiedzy naszych ekspertów z ponad 40 branż oferujemy usługi w obszarach Strategy & Consulting, Song, Technology i Operations przy wykorzystaniu największej na świecie sieci centrów zaawansowanych technologii i inteligentnych operacji.

Zatrudniamy 710 000 pracowników, którzy w codziennej pracy wykorzystują potencjał nowych technologii i ludzkiej kreatywności, świadcząc usługi dla Klientów w ponad 120 krajach. Accenture wykorzystuje innowacje do tworzenia wartości i wspólnego sukcesu dla klientów, partnerów i społeczności. W Polsce biura Accenture mieszczą się w Warszawie, Krakowie, Łodzi, Wrocławiu oraz Katowicach. Pracuje w nich ponad 8 600 pracowników.

Oferty pracy w Accenture

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