BEST courses

BEST Courses are organized four times a year by local groups from over 90 universities across Europe, several-day integration and academic courses, completed with an exam and a certificate. This is an amazing opportunity for students for maximum fee 30 € + journey, to expand their knowledge, horizons, meet interesting people, and all this in a great international atmosphere! Courses are an amazing adventure, and memories of them stay in mind for a long time. Every year, over 1,500 students participate in them, and apart from acquiring knowledge during the courses, spend time having fun and sightseeing great European cities.

In Patras I got to know a lot of wonderful pepole from different countries in Europe, so I could learn about not only Greek culture. Every nationality could show its traditions during this amazing time! It was an unforgettable experience for me.



During this course we learned about architecture of music festivals from the best in the field - organisers of Electric Castle. But the most exciting part was meeting, partying and working with amazing students from all over Euroope, visiting Transylvanian castles and experiencing the hospitality of Romanian People.



During a course in Nis, Serbia I had a chance to get to know a true Balkan spirit! Amazing students from over 10 different countries made every second of this course fun and helped me create wonderful memories.



"A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.""

During each course you have the opportunity to meet over thirty active and open students from various European countries. This is an amazing opportunity to exchange experiences and views, and above all - to acquire friends, thanks to which every corner of our continent will be closer than ever!

Basic informations

How do I get to the location of the course?

You need to provide yourself with the transport on your own. In the Survival Guide of each course there is information about the possible options of reaching the destination. After your application being approved, the organizers surely will advise you what option to choose and help you to arrive to the final destination from a railway station or airport.

Is it difficult to get accepted for the course?

Depending on the place and subject of the event there is a difference in the number of candidates. If you want your application to be approved- make it unique! Prove that you will be a valuable member of the course, let others know that you are creative and positive.

What is the required English level?

You need to be at least communicative, because on the course you will meet students from the whole Europe and the lectures are given in English. Do not be afraid of mistakes- the course is a perfect opportunity to improve your language skills!

Do I need to be familiar with the subject of the course?

There are courses on two levels of academic complexity - basic and advanced. Applying for a basic course you do not need technical knowledge about the subject of the course- your interest is enough to get accepted. Information about the academic complexity can be found in the description of the course.

Can I take the course with my friend?

The organizers judge each application separately, so there is a little chance that both of you will get accepted for the course. It could happen that several people from the same city or country will get a place on the course, but we encourage you do apply independently. The courses are a perfect opportunity to meet new friends!

How much does the course cost?

Maximum charge for Polish students is 30€. Additionally, the cost of fee will be smaller if the Local Group is financially supported by university, companies etc.

Can I get any financial support from my university?

You can apply for a refund by submitting an application to the dean of your faculty. If the subject of the course is close to your field of study there is a chance that your university will help you pay the travel expenses.

What are the additional costs of the course?

Nourishment, accommodation, public transport, entertainment- all of these and even more are included in the course fee. There are no hidden costs ;)

The page does not work, what should I do?

During the last hours before the deadline for applications there is many people wanting to log in and the server may be overloaded. To avoid that situation do not apply at the last minute!

Before application

How can I apply?

Once you have already chosen your favourite courses on the site you need to create an account in BEST Application System ( Write your student ID number as the “Identification Number” and write “Wroclaw” in the "My Local BEST group" field.

What is validation and where can I do it?

Validation is the confirmation that your account in BEST Application System is not a fake one and that you really are a student of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. To validate the account you need to send us a scan of your student ID (mail address - )

What does the application consist of?

Application consists of the motivational letter in which you describe why you are interested in the particular course and you introduce yourself and your motivation to take the course. The further part contains questions concerning the subject of the course. Top tips for writing an application can be found here.

Since I can apply for 3 courses maximum, is it possible/ do I have to highlight my preferences?

Yes, choosing more than one course you have to determine the order of importance of your applications. Despite this, all the applications are judged equally. If two of your applications are approved, the system will automatically choose the one you set as more preferable.

How can I check whether my application is validated?

You need to log in to your account in BAS. Before the deadline always check if all of your applications have been registered. Applying during the last hours you risk that the system will not validate your application because of overload.

After results

I got accepted for the course, what now?

Now you need to confirm your participation in the course by paying a deposit (40€) to your Local Group. Write on and make an appointment for handing on the cash at the convenient time. After finishing the course and filling in an evaluation form you will get your deposit back.

I did not get accepted for the course, what now?

You can apply for the course in next season (there are four of them - summer, autumn, winter and spring). You can also get involved into BEST activities and go to many international internal trips.

What if I am on a waiting list?

It means that you still have a chance to take the course. If any of the qualified candidates resigns, you can take his place.

Where can I find other participants of the course from my country?

Once all the members confirmed their participation the organizers will contact all of you via email. Usually there is also created a group on Facebook to start integration before the course.

How much time do I have to resign from the course?

You have time to take the decision till the deadline for paying the deposit. But if you change your mind or can not take the course- write us as soon as possible. The others wait for your place!

Can I join BEST after the course?

Of course! At the beginning of each semester we organise a recrutation. Keep an eye on the fanpage of BEST Wroclaw not to miss the chance!

How to apply on BEST Courses?

It’s very simple! Ask yourself two questions - Are you a student of Wroclaw University of Technology? Do you want to depart on an international course, have a blast and learn something as well? If your answer to both questions is “YES”, then you fulfill the basic requirements to partake in the course. What’s next?


If you have any questions, doubts or a problem appears, write only to this e-mail address ! You will receive an answer in next 12 hours max!


You can find them on the page: You got interested in a certain topic? Or maybe a city, which you have always wanted to visit? Do you feel the call of adventure? Then let’s begin! The price written on the page, in case of students leaving Poland, you have to multiply the price by 67% - hence the maximum price of 30 euros!


Go to the page and create a new account! For the “Identification Number” type in your Index Number. It’s very important! During the registration process in the field “My Local BEST group” write “Wroclaw”. If in this place you made a mistake, contact us immediately!


Now you have your own account. However, we still need to check, if you are who you say you are. Send us a scan of your student card to and state your knowledge of English language (serious problems in communicating; communicative, but with some problems; communicative). Don’t forget about it! You have time until 15 of October! Applications without valid account witll be automatically rejected! Warning: We approve Your Accounts for as long as your students cards are valid, so if Your account lost it’s validity, send us a scan of student card again.


You can start sumbitting applications in English right after your account has been created. The most important part is your Letter of application. Inside it, write something about yourself. What distinguishes you from other students, what can you contribute with to the course, why should we choose you? Remember, the ones evaluating your application will be students, so it is worth to draw their attention with someting unique, present it in a interesting way. Rather, we advise against writing boring, formal and very long letters. You can find tips on: If you have any questions regarding writing the application, write to and we will advise You, what you can change, correct and what is an great idea! Remember, just until the moment of closing the application, you can change it on your account. After writing it, you can still send it to us and we will give it our best to provide you with tips, what you should correct. Do not forget, if to a particular country you need a visa, you have to tick it the application form.


On the 5h of November, preliminary results should appear. Log on to your account on and check if you got in. If this time you didn’t make it, don’t resign - very soon there will be another chance to apply for the next season! Remember, the biggest chacnes have the most persistent. If you are in so-called “Waiting List”, it means that, if anyone from the course participants will resign or they won’t pay the deposit money, you still have a chance to jump in their place.


Now you have to confirm your participation in the course until the 19th of November 2017. Organisers are putting in a lot of effort to ensure that you will have alimentation, accomodation, the scientific part of the course and great parties, so they need a precaution in the form of money deposit. Write to, to arrange a suitable for yourself tem of deposit payment. The sum you have to deposit is 50 Euros (in cash). After finishing the course and fulfilling the survey, you will get your deposit back. For that, you will need the confirmation, which you will receive from us after you made the deposit. Don’t lose it! If you change your mind or you can’t go on the course, write to us as quickly as you can. Other students are waiting for Your place!


Contact the organisers ( although they will probably contact You faster themselves). Join the mailing groip or a group on Facebook. Get to know other participants even before the course has begun. If possible, answer the e-mails from the organisers and integrate :) Start looking for the transport as soon as possible (sooner=cheaper). Maybe you will talk it out with other participants and you will go there together? Is your transport in the bag? Then go to the course! And have the BEST time of your life there!


Do you wish the course lasted longer? Sadly, nothing was meant to last forever. Don’t forget to fulfill your evaluation survey. The deadline is on 22 of April 2018, it’s best if you fill it out right after you return from the course. Once more, arrange with us an e-mail meeting (, and we will give you your deposit back. Surely, you will apply once more or maybe, who knows, you might want to join BEST and start organising projects for students with us!


If to the country you are going a visa is needed, then mark it in the application form or if you haven’t done that already, contact immediately with organisers. You will receive an official invitation, which will make all the formalities much easier for you.

Good luck!